Congratulations on the purchase of your furniture… This piece of furniture was manufactured according to traditional methods out of solid hardwood. Hardwood is a unique material and has long been desired for its appearance and durability. The beautiful grain and varied color shades will provide an authentic and warm appearance to your home.

CHARACTERISTICS: The wood used for your furniture is natural product from the county of origin. After selection is processed in a traditional method, there for it characteristics will be unique. Slight differences between pieces in color, shade and structure are natural and should be expected. Wind checks, hairline cracks, rough patches, and knots are the result of tree growth and originality.

FINISHING: Your funriture has been finished with a lacquer finish. Lacquering is a protective process that also brings out the depth and natural character of the wood. The lacquer layer seals the furniture against spills and minimizes wood movement under the influence of humidity and atmospheric conditions.


For normal maintenance of your furniture, always use a dry duster. In case of spillage first dry with a cloth/paper towel and then wipe with a damp soft cloth.

  • Do not use any thinners or chemicals based cleaning products
  • Do not put the furniture near a heat source or in direct sunlight
  • Do not put the furniture near an air-conditioning vent or wall unit
  • When moving the furniture, move all items off the surface and have another person help you lift it off the floor while moving it. Dragging could cause damage to both the furniture and the floor.
  • It is highly…

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